Watson's of Dayton

2590 E Whipp Rd, Dayton, OH 45440

Watson's of Dayton

2590 E Whipp Rd, Dayton, OH 45440

Why Watson's of Dayton?

Life is short, and Watson's is dedicated to proving that just because you grow older, it doesn't mean you have to grow up. We are pleased to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to make your home and your life as fun as possible. From spas and above-ground pools, to pool tables and saunas, Watson's has exactly what you need to prove that you're never too old to have fun. Life's Best Moments Start With Watson's.

Why Radiant Pools?

Aboveground, Inground, and Everything in Between

Not all backyards are the same and many present real landscape challenges. With the superior wall construction of the Radiant Pool, you have options! This incredible pool can be installed aboveground, inground, semi-inground, on a slope or into a hill with no retaining wall required. Radiant Pools offers sizes and shapes that fit any backyard, any budget, anywhere!

Shaping the Future of Backyard Pools

Radiant Pools has been pioneering innovation in swimming pool design for 60 years! Innovations include advanced manufacturing technology, unlimited installation options, incredible warranty protection and energy savings that, over time, allow this pool to pay for itself. No other pool on the market today can offer this complete value-added package. It is truly the smart backyard investment.

The Insulated Pool

A Radiant Pool’s R-10 insulated wall panels resist heat loss more efficiently than any other type of pool wall. Radiant insulated wall panels help maintain water temperature that can extend your swimming season and save $1000’s on heating costs. Ask your dealer for all the Energy Savings details that allow a Radiant pool to pay for itself!

Unlimited Installation Versatility

When an aboveground or inground pool won’t do, a Radiant semi-inground pool is your solution. Whatever your vision, Radiant Pools offers aboveground, inground and semi-inground pool installation options that fit any backyard while complying with the requirements and restrictions of many homeowner’s associations.

Incredible Lifetime Warranty

Every pool comes with an incredible 100% Lifetime Warranty that is never prorated and is fully transferable! Engineered to withstand the harshest elements, the warranty on Radiant Metric Series Pools even covers winter damage! With a Radiant Pool, you will get generations of memories, guaranteed!

Superior Strength

Radiant Pools stand up to anything! With its combination of strength and resistance to stress, corrosion and heat loss, the Radiant Pool wall is more durable than steel, polymer, even a foot of concrete! Made from the highest quality materials that will last forever, no other insulated pool on the market today can offer this complete value-added swimming pool package. It is truly the smart backyard investment.

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